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“Archetype” ink paintings on paper

For more Archetype ink paintings click here


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Mini Mono Mental

Dain Delta Dawn
Yana Dimitrova
Pablo Rasgado
Ayesha Kamal Khan
Myeongsoo Kim
Lauren Comito
Juanli Carrion
Lu Zhang
Michelle Gevint
Hesselholdt & Mejlvang
Geoffrey Owen Miller
Jia-Jen Lin
Nobutaka Aozaki
Denise Treizman

Mini Mono Mental is a group exhibition assembling 14 emerging artists from Israel, Spain, Mexico, Pakistan, Chile, Taiwan, Korea, Denmark, China, Bulgaria, US and Japan. The works in the exhibition function as everyday monuments, reflecting a personal relationship to society, space, object, history. Within the complex context of monumental manifestations at large, the exhibition asks: how is monumental power calculated beyond size, value and politics?

The entirety of public monuments is rarely revealed–the stories are typically extracts of the elaborate political, financial and practical negotiations behind each marker. While the majority are erected in the honor of the extraordinary, this exhibition turns its gaze to the space between the event or personnage and the act of immortalization. Looking toward Mount Rushmore, it is not the imposing rock carvings that are the essence of the exhibition, but rather the sealed teakwood box hidden inside it, containing documents about its making and meaning.

Mini Mono Mental consists of sculpture, installation, painting and photography in which the gestures, observations and transfigurations become mini monumental moments in the hands of the artist. Each work, staged by its own secret principles and process, reveals a melancholic yet playful portrayal of the human imprint on the land- and cityscape that surrounds us.

Their micro-level of power stands in contrast to the traditional monument that shapes our reality, grandiose manifestations serving to cement the legacy and beliefs of the people in power.

A rupture in the tradition of walls to pyramids to equestrian statues and sculptures, scattered in every park and corner of the world, this exhibition stands in conversation with its predecessors to reveal unexpected findings and triumph in the everyday.

Text by Sabrina Tamar
Organized by Annesofie Sandal (

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Mini Mono Mental Installation Photos

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Prints: Past & Present

Prints Past and Present, curated by Hallie Cohen

Marymount Manhattan College, 221 E. 71 St, New York, NY, 10021

October 29 – December 6, 2018


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Exhibition: Cure for the Common Cold

February 18th – March 18th, 2018

Brunch Reception: February 18th, 2018 from 12 pm to 5 pm

For the inaugural exhibition of 2018, Masha Maskina invites Lauren Comito to her boutique exhibition space in her home to explore the conceptual thoughts and processes of her artistic practice.

For several years, Lauren has been fascinated with packaging containers and the way we use and interact with them. She extensively collected hundreds of containers, searching for ways in which art influences their design, studying hidden psychological characteristics, and revealing visual patterns. Following careful selection and intellectual processes, Lauren repurposes containers by converting them into new shapes, materials, and images.

For the exhibition, Lauren will use the domestic context of Masha’s living and sleeping areas as an exhibition space to install her works of art. Tapestries, quilts, and pillows which bear imagery derived from the commonplace consumer packaging.

In lieu of this cold and wintery month of February, the exhibition is titled, “Cure for the Common Cold”. To counter the affects of the cold, Masha will be serving a nourishing brunch with healing herbal tea and hot coffee. The name of the exhibition also harkens back to the self-care nature of referenced products found within Lauren’s work., i.e. cold medicine, eye drops, rash creme, and birth control.

Click here to read the article written about this exhibition, “Packaging containers as source of inspiration for American artist Lauren Comito” by Masha Maskina

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Cure for the Common Cold Installation

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Custom Cabinets Group Exhibition: Michael Berryhill, Cora Cohen, Jackie Gendel, Mary Jones, Lauren Comito, Alex Markwith

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