My work is project-based and often involves working with personal archives that accumulate material or data over a period of time. Most of this material is the byproduct of the consumer society in which we live. I collect a range of items such as such as ads, greeting cards, takeout containers and cardboard packaging. These collections become a site for investigation, and additionally serve as a record of my own consumption.

I have explored the ways in which these discarded everyday items resonate with us culturally, visually, and psychologically. I perceive these overlooked items as future artifacts that ascribe to the universality of a shared visual culture, which transcends time and location.

My work utilizes a range of systematic, intuitive and symbolic processes, which include traditional drawing, painting and collage techniques and digital media. By changing the framework and the medium of my subject, I am able to engage in a rigorous process of observation, testing and reflection.

Container as Tool

Container as Frame

Container as Motif

Container as Memory