Well, RISD MFA Painting 2013


Projekt722 is pleased to host an exhibition of work by the 2013 RISD Graduate Painters.

Exhibition Dates:

July 6th-28th 2013

Opening Reception:

Saturday, July 13th, 2013, 6:00pm-9:00pm

Location: Projekt722722 Metropolitan Ave, Second Floor, Brooklyn, New York 11211



July 6 – 28 / Opening Reception Sat. July 13 6-9pm

The Deepening Well

Imagine a ripe nectarine softened by the summer solstice’s warm embrace. You pluck and squeeze it, leaving riven what was hitherto pure and sweet. That is my heart. Then there is my shattered ego. Its restoration, even partially and imperfectly, is nigh impossible. How could you not love me forever after two years of commitment, of mutual nurture, of vibrant dialogue? I weep for that which was and that which could have been. And after tear ducts dry, I extract one after the other my desiccated eyeballs, smack them open on a stainless top slop sink, and grind the uneven shards into forearms bared. We had it perfect in Providence. How could you leave? Now, I bleed for you as if I bled for you always, and will continue bleeding.

A deep bell—a death knell?
(At least Jonathan Frioux won’t go to hell.)
From Claudia Bitran,
a ditty from Adele;

And from Zach Seegar, aka Guy Gilbert,
an article in a resuscitated Tel Quel.

Citadels from a perverted Dwell
build J. Bochynski, but can he spell?
Taniya Vaidya and Wally Dion:
Dresses in toile swell; controlled pell-mell.

A logo from Intel, spreadsheets from Excel?—
Lauren Comito, do tell.
Rebel yell! yells Douglas Burns,
and from Rachel Grobstein,
tableaux in the scale of mushrooms, morels.

All is well.

–Christopher K. Ho

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