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Sensual Seduction (Three Graces),” 18 x 24,” acetate, light box, Swarovski Elements

Embedded within the pattern of this piece is the repeating image of the Three Graces.  These symbolic muses of the arts are said to have endowed artists with creative ideas and are often associated with mirth, adornment, beauty and seduction.  Crystals share these same qualities.  The sparkle of Swarovski Element crystals is in fact seductive.  The optical properties of the crystals create a dynamic relationship with the imagery. In addition to the glamour of the reflective sparkle, the crystals also create a refraction of the image and a projected dispersion of rainbow light. The figures of the Three Graces have been abstracted not in terms of deformation but by means of repetition and polarization.

This was a commissioned piece that I did in collaboration with Swarovski in 2012. 


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